Our Philosophy / Responsible Travel


Our philosophy is to include travels in an approach of tourism that respects the populations and the environment.

All our people working with our Boutique DMC are Earth lovers so we always try to put into lights the partners that utmost respect the environment, both Fauna & Flora on all our destinations. 

We also believe that traveling is also a matter of encountering new people  new way of lives. We have focused on sharing with you the best partners possible. Actually, from the booking to the service on spot, we are very proud of our big “Family” that will serve you.

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Masdar 2 AD


«A nation without a past is a nation without a present or a future. » Sheikh Zayed

 The United Arab Emirates has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, which includes the Bedouin culture that you can discover in a traditional camp in the Desert of Liwa after a striking 4x4 driving experience on sand dunes.

The life under the tent will let you discover the delicious Emirati cuisine, with meals cooked by the women of the village.

Camel races and beauty contests also are a must-see in here: organize your own private camel race, visit a breeding farm, discover the incredible Al Dhafra Camel Festival and the auction, and visit the Scientific Advanced Group.

Falconry has been a very important part of the Bedouin life too: visit the Falcon Hospital, experience a demonstration of falconry with drones and visit a refuge for these delicate birds.

In Al Ain, you’ll be able to see the famous date plantations, visit a farm and have a tasting experience before you discover the oasis on horseback.