Best Time to VISIT !

Winter Season

Time Period: December to February

Temperature Range: 19.3 to 24 degrees Celsius

Average Rainfall: Less than 100 mm 

The colder months from December to February are widely regarded as the best time to travel to Qatar. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures around 21 to 24 degrees Celsius and a cool breeze. 

This makes it easy for travellers to enjoy sightseeing in the Gulf nation. They can take part in one of the many cultural festivals that take place during this time and have a fun time at the beaches.

Spring Season

Time Period: March to April

Temperature Range: 27 to 31.9 degrees Celsius

Average Rainfall: Around 5.9 mm 

You can even plan your trip to Qatar during the months of spring. Though the weather is hot, it is not unbearable, and you can easily visit famous places in Qatar. Moreover, there are air conditioners in many attractions, making it easy to enjoy them.

Autumn Season

It is a well-known fact that Qatar is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. However, travelers on a budget can choose this country as well. The autumn season, from September to November, is the most budget-friendly period to travel to Qatar. 

Doha, the Capital

Welcome to Doha
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Future/Past connection

When Heritage sites, habits & customs meets the future all around the country

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The Desert & the Inland Sea

Visit one of the only two places in the world, where golden dunes merge with the blue sea!

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